Suzanne spent 33 years in the corporate world, working in sales and traveling the region. Dementia was not something she and her husband had any experience with, but at the very young age of 58, Suzanne’s physician diagnosed “Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease”.   Following this devastating news and long talks with family, her husband began to look for help.  After checking into home health, he decided to bring Suzanne here first for a trial period.  She loved it and was able to remain here for 4 years, 5 days per week, as her husband worked toward retirement.

“The Guest House has saved our lives. I am determined to keep her at home with me.  This has given me time to work a few more years, and  she seems so much happier. We are very thankful.”

Suzanne could enjoy the social groups, engage in many activities and stay safe during the day.  She thrived in this environment and could participate even as her disease progressed.  Our nurses at The Guest House were a help to her family as they monitored her health and quickly noted changes, even when she could no longer communicate. The services and programs provided by The Guest House not only benefit the clients that attend, but also the numerous family members involved in their loved ones’ care.