Vicki and Ray have been married for 34 years.  When Ray was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,  Vicki already knew he needed full time supervision.  Vicki had to continue working, but didn’t want to place her husband in a nursing home until he was unable to walk and feed himself.  The Guest House provided an answer.

Ray has attended The Guest House for 3 years while Vicki works daily.  Ray loves Music and enjoys the others who come here for good meals, a safe day and to keep involved in things they enjoy. Ray has a CD that he made in his younger years and loves singing along in the afternoons with the music he knows.  He often gathers others around to listen, and they all end up singing and clapping.  Ray also loves dogs and holds our Therapy Pets in his lap every time they visit.

Vicki talks often with our Nurses and they help her take the right information to Ray’s Doctor.  Once when a medication change was needed, Guest House Nurses kept a Log of Ray’s Vital Signs and behaviors to take to the next appointment. Every Guest has a Medical Chart here and information can easily be shared with Physicians.  This helps families by getting detailed information to the right providers quickly and professionally. The Guest House has helped Vicki and Ray stay together longer and has given Ray a secure and enjoyable place to remain as healthy as he can, for as long as he can.