Social Activities for our Seniors are a very important part of each day at The Guest House. During Assessment, each Guest and their family members meet with staff to help us learn about hobbies they have enjoyed, or the work they have done so that things that are important to them can be incorporated into our activities as much as possible. Our Activities Managers, assisted by over 25 Volunteers and Interns  offer a full calendar of activities including Music, Games, Art, Crafts, Wood Working, Semiannual Field Trips, Picnics, Holiday Parties, Celebrations and special Snack Creations. Two Certified Music Therapists, Amanda Martin and Jane Estrada are here every week to lead hour long sessions which improve cognitive and physical function and add a lot of fun to our day.

*Breakfast is served between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM

Every morning at 10:00AM there are Chair Exercises set to music led by an Activities Manager, followed by conversation, reading on special topics and a devotional.

“Flowing Rhythm” Music and Exercise is led twice per month by Volunteer Cheryl Vassiliadis.  ( Her work can be seen on YouTube!)

Kim O’Donnell is here twice a week, bringing craft projects, creative ideas and her loving heart. Kim helps with meals, games and puzzles while paying special attention to each member of our group.

*Lunch is at Noon – Catered by The Food Factory on Main.

We supervise weekly Pet Therapy with four canine friends.

Every Thursday Roger Keebaugh is here to play western folk music on  guitar.  Roger tells stories about cowboys, characters and friends, mixing conversation with songs.

One afternoon each week Ms. Ginger Imperial plays favorite show tunes, hymns and patriotic anthems on piano.

On Fridays Ed and Carol Grill are here to guide a special Art Project which Guests can take home or leave here for display. The Grills know all of our Guests very well and often stay for conversation and company following Art Sessions.

Ralph Herring is here monthly to tell stories. Ralph incorporates History with Travel and Interesting facts about places, people and times.

The Atlanta Road Singers are here monthly bringing inspiration and song. Their Sing-alongs are a joyous time.

Ms. Joyce Reed, a retired nursing aid is here twice per week to help keep a watchful eye on everyone.  Joyce helps us makes sure that each person can be successful at each activity with her personal care and attention.

Julie Sexton and her twins  Mallory and Mason and their Grand Mom Ms. Mildred Carpenter are here bimonthly to sing and play tunes from our youth.

Smitty Lucas bring music twice a month, leading Inspirational Sing-Alongs.

Jim and Carol Ewing,  Cresswind Residents,  are here weekly to entertain us on piano.
Every Wednesday John Langwick, Brian Dennis, Lynn Putrich and Tot Morton lead an hour long wood working session in our Hobby Shop.

Every afternoon after a 2:00PM Snack, there are games, puzzles and brain teasers or trivia.

Each Week, Artists from Gainesville’s  Quinlan Art Center who have trained and studied to work with dementia are here to bring us a professionally led Art Project.  Healing Through The Arts is funded by individual donors and grants written by both agencies.

During each School Semester the Brenau University Occupational Therapy Department is here weekly with students and professors  to conduct specially designed group activities.  These exercises help with range of motion, memory and general feelings of belonging and wellness.  The University of North Georgia places Interns here each semester. We are very grateful for all of the students who have contributed here over the years and thankful for our close relationship with our area colleges.

Activities here are designed to gently stimulate the mind, body and spirit.  Being active and engaged fosters a sense of well-being. Guests are encouraged to participate in activities, but are free to spend quiet time, reading or visiting with Staff, Volunteers, Interns, Student Nurses or other Guests.