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The Guest House makes an impact on each client and their families. Please take a moment to learn how The Guest House has impacted these families.


After years of working in the corporate world and traveling around the United States, Anne settled into retirement and began volunteering for NEGMC. After volunteering 3 days a week for 12 years, Anne's life started to change. After treating herself to lunch after 'work' one day, Anne was on the way home and pulled over several blocks from her apartment because the sun was in her eyes and she couldn't see well. Fortunately, a family friend recognized her car and asked if everything was all right. She then replied that she needed help getting home because she couldn't remember the way. The friend helped her find her apartment and walked back to his home. Anne's daughter, Sue, was notified of the situation and knew that Anne shouldn't drive any more. The decision to put the car keys away was a very hard one.  Sue also knew that her mother did not need to be living by herself any more so arrangements were made for Anne to move in with Sue and her family.

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Vicki And Raymond

Throughout the years Vicki had become familiar with The Guest House as her employer had worked on special projects which benefited The Guest House. In the Fall of 2011, Vicki became more familiar with the services offered when her husband started attending The Guest House. Raymond's progression of Alzheimer's required him to have full time supervision. While Vicki would be at work, Raymond would become agitated and wander away from the home on a very busy street. Vicki had to continue working, but didn't want to place her husband in a nursing home. The Guest House provided an answer. For almost a year, Raymond attended The Guest House while Vicki worked during the day. She was able to provide care during the evening and weekends. That time allowed Raymond to stay in his own home and maintain some independence. His Alzheimer's and other medical conditions did worsen and he eventually was placed in the Alzheimer's wing of a local Assisted Living Facility.

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Once Esther could no longer live by herself and be alone during the day, she moved in with her family. In the summer of 2010, Esther's two children started looking for a place that their mother could be during the day. They saw that Esther was deteriorating and not eating well.  She seemed lethargic and bored.  They worried about the TV being on all day and the amount of time Esther slept during the day.  A visit was made to The Guest House, an assessment completed and soon Esther started attending Monday-Friday.  This was an affordable option that would allow them to be together at night and attend Church together as they always had.

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