Daily Activities - The Guest House

What Is A Typical Day At The Guest House Like?

Each day at The Guest House is filled with activities blended with medical services. During the initial assessment, we learn about each person’s work and hobbies so that things that are important to them can be incorporated into our activities as much as possible.

Our Activities Managers, assisted by Staff, Volunteers and Interns, offer activities from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day. Music, Exercise, Games, Art, Crafts, Wood Working, Semiannual Field Trips, Picnics, Holiday Parties, Celebrations and special Snack creations keep everyone busy.

Art Instructors from the Quinlan Visual Art Center are here weekly to lead art classes. Everyone participates together, but no one must stay in the activity if they prefer to be away from the group.

Rest and naps are important and are always accompanied or supervised by staff nearby.

Two Certified Music Therapists, Amanda Martin and Kolby Koczanowski, are here every week to lead hour-long sessions, which improve cognitive and physical function and improve morale.

House Opens – 7:30 AM

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM – Breakfast. A Good Breakfast and Relaxing Coffee Time with Friends and Staff

10:00 AM – “Morning Routine” – A Time for gathering, greeting, talking about current topics, devotional, chair exercise, music and remembering

11:00 AM – Planned, Scheduled Activity like Games, Baking, Art, Crafts, Hobby Shop, Outside Time or Musical Entertainment

Noon – Lunch with Friends and Staff

1:00 PM – Planned, Scheduled Activity

2:00 PM – Snack together followed by Art, Games, Puzzles, Movies, Karaoke or a Nap

3:00 PM – Folks are going home for the day. We read the paper, look at magazines, nap, talk, listen to CDs or radio and keep each other company.

House Closes – 5:00PM

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