Any one can contact The Guest House to arrange a tour through our Admissions Director or Executive Director.  It is best to come during active morning or early afternoon hours so that you will get the most accurate feeling of how our days flow.  If The Guest House seems like the right fit, it may be decided by phone, or at the time of the tour, to schedule an Assessment for the patient with The Guest House staff.

During the Assessment meeting we will make sure that we can meet each patient’s particular needs and discuss additional services with community agencies if appropriate.  A Plan of Care for specific medical needs and activities will be developed. The plan will most likely be changed along the way to keep up with any changes in condition. The days of attendance for each week will be initially set at the time of assessment, But Can Be Flexible.  The days can change, adding or subtracting according to patient and family needs.

For questions or to request information, please call Debbie Powell at 770-535-1487 or e-mail


There are No County Residence Limit Requirements.  As long as Family, Friends or other reliable transportation can be arranged, any resident of any county or state can attend here.

General Guidelines Include:

The ability to assist with transferring, the ability to feed ones’ self, non-combative behavior and response to redirection and guidance.

The Guest House professional team may decide that our services are inappropriate due to certain behaviors and/or conditions that are not suited to a day care setting serving the elderly. The Assessment Team determines eligibility, each patient at a time.

We need to make sure we can meet the needs of the patient and that the family feels safe and reassured.

Trial Period
The first two weeks that a patient attends The Guest House is considered a trial period. These two weeks are used to determine The Guest House’s ability to serve a particular individual as well as the individual’s desire to participate in the program. Discharge or an extension of the trial period may be necessary.

Adjustment Period
It is not unusual for individuals to experience some anxiety or stress during the first few days, or weeks. This is a normal and understandable response. There are new routines, new faces and new experiences to encounter. The Guest House staff is experienced in handling transitional periods and will make every effort to ensure that the patient is supported and reassured. A shorter length of stay is suggested for this transitional period. After this period of adjustment, a full day is considered to be more than 5 ( five ) hours. Within One to Two week’s time, the ability to adjust to the new place and routine can be seen.

The rate of pay is based on a sliding scale determined by the patient’s income.  Assets are not used to calculate the fee.  If the patient is married, joint income is used as a baseline. Qualified patients may be eligible for some financial assistance through State Alzheimer’s funding. There is a One Time $49.00 assessment fee which is collected following the assessment meeting.  Guest House services are very affordable, as we supplement the cost with grants, fundraising events and community donations. Families or Caregivers receive a monthly bill from our office.  Unless there is a Waiting List for services, arrangements may be made to accommodate each patient’s financial needs, with review and approval of the Executive Director. Billing questions can be addressed by Debbie Powell in Admissions or by our Financial Manager, Barbara Chandler.