FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Does your center offer Medical help and Care?
Yes. Our Staff includes Licensed Nurses who are experienced and capable of handling any medical needs.

*Guest House nurses performed 99 Blood Pressure Checks in January of 2018
*Our Nurses performed 19 Blood Sugar Checks as Ordered in January of 2018

Does your center have televisions and watch TV during the day.
Yes, we have televisions however, we do not watch network TV as a rule. We watch selected movies, listen to Pandora radio and watch some favorite TV Re-Runs occasionally.

*Andy Griffith and Dick Vandyke are favorites

Does The Guest House have beds where people take naps?
Yes, we have three twin beds, however clients do not nap in them. Naps are taken in recliners so that they will be in the company of the entire staff as they rest.

*We have five recliners with automatic lifts and foot rests and many comfortable couches and chairs.

Does your center bill ahead of the service?
No, we always bill monthly, after the service has been provided.
Does The Guest House let loved ones come with their family member for a few days to help them get used to it?

No, we find that clients make a very fast adjustment and can do this with less anxiety if they are not focused on family.

*Your loved one will be just fine to come in by themselves.   Staff always contacts the family if there any concerns during the day.  At admission families establish clear communication with Staff.

Are Guest House services covered by Medicare and Medicaid?
No. We use a Sliding Scale as a basis for fees. We have some grant funds and scholarships to help cover costs. We also have an Annual Fundraising Event to help keep fees low.

*Talk to our Admissions Director about payment before you make any decisions.

Are people who wander going to be safe there?

Yes, our facility is very safe for those who wander.   We have several security measures in place that keep all of our clients safe and secure.

*Talk to our Staff about our security; you will be reassured.

The Guest House
360 Oak Street, Suite A
Gainesville, GA 30501

Phone: 770-535-1487


Monday – Friday:
7:30 am – 5:00 pm 

Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

The Guest House
360 Oak Street, Suite A
Gainesville, GA 30501

Phone: 770-535-1487
Fax: 770-536-4264